Why the Case Coaster?

Updated: Feb 19

Why the Case Coaster:

Two years and a half years ago, I was sitting across from my girlfriend on the patio of a local restaurant. We sat in silence, faces buried in our phones rather than enjoying each other’s company on a beautiful summer day. I put my phone down and watched her scroll as we patiently waited for the server. This is a sight that became all too common to me, not just in my own relationships, but as I observed strangers all around me. I watched people with their eyes glued to their screens as they searched for something that was right in front of them the whole time - a human connection.

This is the inspiration behind the Case Coaster.

Although the product itself is simple, it represents so much more. It’s for all the people who talk to their loved ones about their day only to see them scroll through social media disinterested. It’s for the parents who can’t manage to get their kids to engage with them for thirty minutes over family dinner. It’s for anyone who is fed up with the way technology interferes with our ability to have a face to face conversation.

While technology promises us the ability to stay in touch regardless of distance, to have our voices heard, and to interact with others beyond the scope of our daily lives, there is a negative aspect that often goes unnoticed. Social media was first marketed as a way to connect with others like we had never been able to before; however, we spend so much time watching the highlight reels of other people’s lives that we miss the authentic moments flashing before us.

As I became aware of this problem, I knew I wanted to create a product that could help solve it.

I began to notice just how badly our society needed a way to break free from technology and refocus on the things that really matter. The Case Coaster gives us that excuse to put down our phones and engage with those around us.

As we sit and watch other people’s lives pass by on screens, we forget to live our own. My hope is that the Case Coaster can inspire others to be more mindful of how they use technology, not just as they use our product, but in their daily lives as well.

- Casey & Brenden


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