Monday's Mindful Minute (vol.1)

Welcome to our first edition of Monday’s Mindful Minute! Our plan is to provide the Case Coaster community with a quick and easy read that you can hopefully take something away from.

This week we want to leave you with a few simple questions to ponder. So, you've finally landed a date with your long-time crush... would you sit on the other side of the table and scroll through your phone the entire time?  No? Then why is this acceptable on your fiftieth date?

Now, put yourself in their shoes.  They're excited to be on a date, but when they arrive the person with them is more concerned with their feed than their food.  How would that make you feel?  In our eyes, this is not how time is meant to be spent when in the company of others.  Unfortunately, this scene has become all too common.  This week we ask you to challenge yourself to be more present, engage with others, ask questions, listen and make a difference... Log-in to Reality. #mindfulminute #logintoreality

-Brenden & Casey


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