Frequently asked questions

What is a Case Coaster?

The Case Coaster is more than just an awesome place to put your drink, it's a movement. Our belief is that over usage of technology has made us less appreciative of the moments we share with others and we want to help you get these moments back! Simply turning your phone upside down may seem like a small step but we truly believe it will have a big impact in your daily life...Put your phone down, log-in to reality!

How does it work?

The Case Coaster has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick to nearly any surface you desire. However, our original concept was to use it on mobile devices. We want to encourage people to take a moment and focus on what really matters rather than the virtual reality we often find ourselves immersed in!

Will it fit my drink?

The Case Coaster was designed with functionality in mind. The inner ring will comfortably retain the bottom of most cans while the outer ring is able to fit most bar glasses. Some wine glasses and other larger style glasses may not fit!

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