Handmade in the U.S.A

Our mission at Case Coaster is to reestablish what is important, the cornerstone of society - face-to-face human interaction. We believe that this small creation can have a profound impact on our day-to-day life by reiterating the importance of being present, engaging in conversation, and emphasizing what it means to be a human-being. Our goal is to improve lives, relationships, family structure, and to most importantly create a happier and more fulfilled world to live in. Join us on our mission to get back to what matters.

The idea came to us a couple years ago when we were grabbing a drink at a local bar. We couldn't help but notice nearly half of the patrons glued to their mobile devices. For some reason this resonated with us and we realized there had to be a better way; voila the Case Coaster was born!



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